What's Inside

Pocket Spring

The individually pocketed springs work independently allowing the mattress to follow the natural shape of the body, providing excellent support where it’s needed, helping reduce roll-together.


A Duraspring unit is made of open coil springs with helical wires running across the bed to join the springs together. Duraspring is ideal for a soft or medium feel.


A Supercoil unit is made of high tensile wire spring coils with helical wires which run across the bed to join the springs together. Supercoil gives a firmer feel.


The Airsprung Trizone unit is a smart mattress core that combines the Supercoil and Duraspring springs into a sophisticated zoned unit. Using the softer Duraspring at the head and foot of the mattress and the firmer Supercoil in the central area offers much more support to the lumbar region.



A non woven bonded fabric usually made up of 100% polypropylene makes it ideal for screen printing bright and bold colours and patterns.


Damask fabrics are made on weaving machines. Patterns are weaved into the fabric which can have a different appearance as the light hits it from different directions.


Knitted fabrics can contain many different yarns such as polyester, cotton or visco which gives them a soft feel finish.



A quilted finish mattress has stitched designs on the sleeping panels which helps to hold the fillings in place.


Fine tapes are threaded through the mattress and felt ‘buttons’ attached top and bottom giving a distinctive and recognisable feature on many mattresses.


No Turn

Easy care no-turn mattresses do not need flipping, just rotate the mattress on a regular basis to help even the wear across the sleeping surface.

Memory Foam

Also known as visco-elastic, memory foam reacts to your body heat and weight by ‘moulding’ to your body shape to provide extra comfort and support.

Comfort Level



Medium / Firm